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The machine is wrapped in PP film, UC-11, MIFLEX-MASZ

The machine turning a film into polypropylene, UC-11, MIFLEX-MASZ (Poland).

Оборудование для упаковки в пленку   Оборачивание упаковки пленкой   Упаковка пленкой

1 Information:

Productivity is 40 cycles/min.
Range of the sizes of a cardboard pack
Min 65×45×40mm
Max 210×160×130mm
Machine sizes 1350×950×1000mm (2600×950×1000mm)
Machine weight 550 (600) kg
Power supply 3x400V/220V 50Hz, 6 kVA
Delivery time: 3-4 months
Guarantee: 12 months from the 1st day of work

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