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Technological equipment for the production of bait for flies

Quotation for the supply of process equipment for the production of bait for flies model UNM-5, Miflex-Masz (Poland).
In the process of production is winding film-flycatchers while gluing, mounting and installation ribbons folded paper into the sleeve, and also closing sleeve pyzhami while bending the bottom sleeve and pressing buttons in a wad.

Оборудование изготовления клейкой ленты для мух   Оборудование изготовления ленты   Клейкая лента для мух

1. Project data:

Performance 1200 pcs / hour
Belt width for flycatchers - 40 mm
Belt width for top cap - 33±0,2 mm
for the lower cap - 28±0,2 mm
sleeve length - 56±0,2 mm
Outer diameter of the sleeve - 21,5 mm
width of tape - 2,5 mm
The length of the folded paper after unwinding - 800 mm
Length of the strip for adhesive tape - 700 mm
Grammage applied adhesive - 145 g/m2
Length loops beyond the sleeve - 10 mm
Max diameter of the tape for adhesive - 550 mm
hub diameter reels - 76 mm
Max diameter of the tape for caps - 550 mm
hub diameter reels - 76 mm
Power - 3x400V/230V 50Hz
Power - 11 kVА
Air Consumption - 0,8 m3/hour
Machine Dimensions LxWxH - 4500×2200×2300mm
Machine Weight - 2500 kg
Service Automaton - 1 person
Protection system Differential switch
Mechanical Protection Shields

2. Terms of payment:

- 30% advance payment after the conclusion of
- 60% before shipment factory
- 10% after commissioning

Warranty: 12 months from date of installation. Warranty does not cover wearing parts, such as Teflon tape, silicone parts, scissors, etc. or equipment damaged possible improper actions of staff.

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