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Applicator PVA-130TM

Аппликатор PVA-130TM

Applicator valves PVA-130TM - this is the most effective way to automatically install unilateral degassing valves PLITEK on coffee packaging. Applicator valves PVA-130TM can effectively change the packing length, automatically saving valve location on it. Can be installed at a considerable distance from the packaging machine.

Applicator valves PVA-130TM provides:

- Installation of valves 100 per minute;

- Accurate punching holes and installing valve;
- Embedded System injection oil mist into the valve;
- Registration of valve position on the package when the package size;
- Recharge transmission oil tank without stopping the machine;
- Rugged stainless steel;
- Can be adapted to any packaging equipment;
- Can be modified to meet the technological process;


The features and specifications PVA-130TM
Dimensions base 508mm x 406.4 mm x 330.2 mm
Dimensions head 144,7 mm x 213.4 mm x 101.6 mm
Working speed 100 valves per minute
Precision valve Position + / - 0.8 mm
Electrical connection 120/240V 60Hz
compressed air connection 80 psi min / 14 CFM
microprocessor Requires connection to equipment

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